Water damage needs to be addressed immediately.

Kolorkist has the tools and team necessary for the restoration process.

An overview of our service

Your house is flooded, now what? Kolorkist is certified with the IICRC to properly clean and restore your home to it's original condition. The first step is to calculate how much damage the water has accumulated in your home. Once this has been established, we will start the restoration process, taking out materials that are damaged beyond repair, determining which pieces can be saved, and then rebuilding and removing any remaining moisture from the area. Our job is to make your area appear as if the flood or water damage never occurred in the first place.

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1. questions and concerns with homeowner

Being the one who called, you know how the water damaged happened and where the bulk of it is located. We will walk through the damaged area with you and address any concerns you may have at the time.


Our first line of business is to remove any standing water from the area. The sooner the water is removed the less damage it will cause.


We have moisture detection tools that will help find out how large the damaged area is and if it has spread from it's initial location. Once properly gauged we will start the restoration process.

4. damage removal

Items that usually require removal are damaged sheetrock from the wall, insulation, and padding from the carpet if you have carpet floors. If these are left wet for too long they could develop into a mold issue.

5. air mover / moisture removal

After the damage is removed along with any excess water, we place air movers and large dehumidifiers in the room to remove the remaining moisture from the walls and flooring. These are left for several days to ensure that the area completely dries.

6. inspection

Over the following days, a Kolorkist technician will be by your home to test for moisture levels. These will be recorded in a daily log, so that we can make sure the room is drying correctly.

7. damage restoration

Once the room is completely dry, we will rebuild the damaged area. New insulation, sheet rock, and carpet padding will be put into place. One final cleaning will commence to leave your room clean and sanitized.

8. walk through

Our technician will walk through the restored area with you and answer any questions you may have.


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If your house is flooded, the sooner you get in contact with us the better. 



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