San Antonio Tile & Grout Color Seal

   Getting your tile & grout cleaned is always a great idea, but it is bound to get dirty again right? With color seal, we are able to protect your grout from any contaminates. Tired of the same old grout color? We are able to change that at no additional charge when we do color seal!



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 Q: How long is my color seal warrantied for?

 A: We warranty all of our color seal jobs for 5 years!

 Q: How long does the color seal take to 'cure'

 A: The sealant usually takes a few hours to dry but we don't recommend that you do any mopping on it for about one day.

Q: Can I change the color of my grout?

 A: Yes you can! We can go out and show you all the different options we have so that we can change the color of your grout to your preffered color!