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   One of the first things to go on a tile floor is the grout. No matter what household cleaner you use, it seems that you are fighting an uphill battle. True tile and grout cleaning can only be accomplished through professional equipment. The reason is because most grout is sanded, giving it a very porous characteristic that accumulates dirt without releasing it. Kolorkist uses our professional truck mounted pressure system to blast the dirt out of the grout and the tile. We even go in beforehand and hand scrub the grout lines to make sure they clean up well. Once cleaned, we seal the floor to make it non-porous, which will usually last between 5-10 years! Isn't it time that your tile and grout started looking like new again?



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Q: Will my grout be protected from stains after i get it cleaned?

 A: If you get a normal cleaning, your tile & grout will still be prone to stains. However, if you get the color seal, it is sealed and protected from any stains or contaminates. Wel also offer a 10 year warranty on all color seal jobs.

Q: Is my new color sealed floor going to be harder to clean?

 A: The cleaning is actually easier with color seal! Instead of dirt & stains sticking to the grout, it will now just wipe off with ease!