Tile was meant to shine.

Kolorkist is trusted by many to get their tile and grout looking like new again.


An overview of our service

One of the first things to go on a tile floor is the grout. No matter what household cleaner you use, it seems that you are fighting an uphill battle. True tile and grout cleaning can only be accomplished through professional equipment. The reason is because most grout is sanded, giving it a very porous characteristic that accumulates dirt without releasing it. Kolorkist uses our professional truck mounted pressure system to blast the dirt out of the grout and the tile. We even go in beforehand and hand scrub the grout lines to make sure they clean up well. Once cleaned, we seal the floor to make it non-porous, which will usually last between 5-10 years! Isn't it time that your tile and grout started looking like new again?

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1. questions and concerns with homeowner

Once we arrive at the home, a Kolorkist technician will walk through the tile and grout area with the customer, inspecting it thoroughly and answering any questions the customer.

2. Pre-clean

Before we do anything with the floor, it needs to be swept and cleared of any surface dust and debris. Our microfiber broom will pick up the remaining small particles left on the tile. Now all that is left is the stuck-on dirt and soil.

3. pre-spray

The type of tile and grout the customer has will determine whether an alkaline or acid cleaning solution will be used, and how long it needs to sit on the surface. We allow the cleaning solution to penetrate deep into the floor to ensure the best results.

4. agitation

All of the grout lines are hand scrubbed with a nylon brush. Next we use our commercial tile spinner on the entire surface. This two step agitation process will allow for the maximum amount of dirt and soil to be released from your tile and grout.

5. steam it

Using 230 degrees of heat, our steamer runs over the surface of the tile and grout to finish the job. The steamer also has a high powered vacuum attached to it, so as it is disinfecting the tile, all remaining dirt and soil is being eradicated to our trucks.

6. air movers

If you step on the tile while it is still well it will reabsorb any dirt or grime that was on your foot, so the sooner the tile dries the better. A technician will place air movers throughout the area to dry it as quickly as possible.

7. sealant

The mistake most homeowners make is that they do not seal the tile once they install it, leaving those dirty grout lines that you see. Our sealer is the best in the business, and will offer a high quality seal for 5-10 years! Applying this will ensure that your tile and grout is protected until your next cleaning.

8. walk through / optional color seal

If the tile was not properly maintained, the grout can become damaged beyond repair. In this instance we offer a color seal. The customer can choose any color that they would like their grout to be, and a Kolorkist technician will color and seal the grout lines. This achieves a new look without having to re-grout the tile.


If it isn’t done to your standards the first time, we will make it right for free.
— Shaun Billings, Owner


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