San Antonio Pressure Washing

   At Kolorkist, you can expect reliable year-round service for all of your San Antonio pressure washing needs. Our Kolorkist service specialists have the training & experience necessary to pressure wash and restore all different types of services. We use hot water up to 220 degrees to remove stains without being too harsh on the surface!

what services do we offer?

Steam Cleaning

    We use a Commercial Rig for all of our pressure washing job! If you have any stains on your driveway ex. oil stains, we can blast them away with our hot water system. Our hot water system gets up to 220 degrees!


   Our system has 3,750 psi, keep in mind that the average non-commercial pressure washer is only 1200psi-2000psi! We have the ability to govern our system, so we can be as gentle as needed on certain surfaces. 


  If you get with your neighbors and all decide to get some pressure washing done on your property, we will offer a bulk discount! 


Q. Why should i clean my driveway?

A. Certain types of surfaces can get really slippery when get they get dirty which is a safety hazard. Curb appeal is another reason why we reccomend cleaning your driveway, everyone likes a clean driveway! Clean driveways can also boost your property value !

Q. How much does the average driveway/house cleaning cost?

A. Our pressure washing prices depend on how much area we need to clean, or if you and your neighbors decide to all get our service, we can decrease that price! Call 210-494-5222 for more details.