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Why insurance agents should use kolorkist over any other company

 Living in Texas, we all know that weather can be unpredictable. Unpredictable weather always means unpredictable emergencies. Having a house flood isn't the most peaceful thing for a home owner to take care of.  Kolorkist uses state of the art equipment which assures the owner that their home will be free of moisture & mold growth. Having that peace of mind means a lot to a home owner and their families. We take care of the entire process from extracting the water all the way to restoring the interior. With 2 decades in the industry, there is absolutely nobody better for the job!

How do we know where the moisture is and how do we remove it?

                          Thermal Imaging 

 Trying to figure out where all the moisture is located is nearly impossible to the naked eye. You cannot find 100% of all water damage simply because water could find its way into places you wouldn't imagine. Just because you had a roof leak doesn't mean that water isn't in your walls, flooring etc. We use special thermal imaging to detect where all the water is, so we NEVER leave water behind.


                                            Extracting The Water

 Some people try to extract water from a flood with a shop-vac or any other kind of wet-dry vac. You will get SOME of the water out, but the fact of the matter is that 100% of the time, you will leave moisture behind simply because those vacuums are not strong enough. We use commercial grade truck-mounted equipment. Our vacuums are powered by a truck engine (4.8L V8 engine). We use only the best equipment in the industry. We use thermal imaging to determine if we will need to remove any carpet padding(we can preserve carpet sometimes, but it is never guaranteed that is is salvageable), this way we know that the drying process will rid all moisture and no mold growth with take place.

                          Drying Proccess

 A household fan will not hold up to this task. We use commercial grade air movers which keep air circulating throughout the room(speeding up the drying process). We also use commercial grade dehumidifiers, which remove all moisture present in the room. These 2 peices of equipment used together are powerful and will always get rid of any moisture present.


 We operate 24/7 for emergencies and work with all major insurance companies, its a good idea to write down our information from About Us so that if an emergency occurs, you are ready to get it taken care of. If you have a current emergency call our emergency line, 210-494-5222 or toll free 877-4KOLOR-1.