Choosing a partner to provide professional services is an important decision. Clients trust Kolorkist to keep their space, indoor and outdoor, looking like new, and we take that honor very seriously.

Through our tailored process, Kolorkist will take your vision and always look to exceed it. With over 20 years of hard fought experience, we have everything you need to ensure the highest quality care. 



There is a lot to be said about doing things right the first time. With our skilled team of technicians, we ensure an attention to detail and finish that is second-to-none. We keep your investment safe and looking stunning. 


We are not your typical service company. We complete all of our jobs on time and on budget. Always. It's a point of pride with Kolorkist. We work with our clients to set the goals, detail the budget, lay out the schedule, and execute the plan flawlessly.


No hassles. No headaches. No surprises. No regrets. That is a promise. With constant communication and site clean-up, we make sure our clients know exactly what's happening with their job with or without them being there.


We are an highly-skilled team of experienced professionals. We have been in business for over 20 years, and have an innate understanding of how businesses interact with their customers, and how their locations should live up to expectations.