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   We have the best tools and technology in San Antonio for cleaning your carpet and floors. Most of the time, local carpet cleaners do not have the ability to have large trucks to clean the homes they work in. On the other hand, large corporate cleaners do not want to spend the money on large trucks since they watch their bottom line from a national level. At Kolorkist, we believe in delivering the best clean possible no matter what type of carpet a home might have. By combining the best equipment with the most knowledgeable technicians, you can be sure that your house will look and smell like new. We also back all of our work with a guarantee.

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Most people would assume that the hotter the chemical the better. It takes an expert carpet cleaner to understand what temperature is optimal for a certain type of carpet fiber and/or chemical.


The use of safe, active chemicals will lift the soil from the carpet. There is a difference between organic and synthetic stains, and this knowledge will help determine what chemical should be used on your floor.


Your washing machine cleans your clothes in much the same way. Our equipment agitates the carpet to allow the cleaner to penetrate deep. This lifts deep stains, unsticks dried muck, and helps prevent dirt from falling back in during the cleaning process.


In most cases, the longer a cleaning solution is exposed to a stain the better. On the flip side, leaving cleaning solution on too long can cause damage to your carpet and foam underneath. It's important to know when to leave and when to retrieve.

Filter Service

Have you ever though about having filters delivered to your door? The pricing is cheaper and it is also very convenient to not have to go to the store and search for the correct size every time its time to replace your filter! Contact us at 210-494-5222 for more information.