Prepping your home for carpet cleaning


Professional carpet cleaning is a vital part of maintaining your home's carpets, but professional carpet cleaning often means moving around furniture and people. That level of hassle can be unappealing to some, but worry not, with a little prep and time it's easy to get your home ready for the cleaners when they arrive.


Moving your furniture is often the least fun part of having your carpets cleaned, and is only a problem if your chosen carpet cleaning method is steam treatment.  Dry cleaned carpets don't require furniture to be moved around and while it's convenient in the short term, steam and other wet cleaning methods are more effective cleaning methods for carpets. It's easier than you think: move large pieces against the walls of your main rooms. Push sofas and couches against the walls of your living room. Large items like entertainment chests and bookshelves should be pushed up flat against the wall. Smaller items like coffee tables, side tables and end tables can be set on the sofas and couches to keep them off the carpet and to allow the cleaners to remove any dimples or puckers in the carpet from stationary heavy weight.


Now that the living room is taken care of; it's time to move on to the bedrooms. Push your bed as far against a wall as possible and any large items should also be pushed flat and as far back against their respective wall. Roll up and set aside any decorative rugs that should be cleaned with more delicate chemicals. Protect and cover as many electronic outlets as possible: some cords and cables can be damaged by some carpet cleaning equipment. Ready to tackle the kid's room? Pick up any small or medium toys and set them aside: the closet is a good place to store any stray toys. Push any beds, cribs or bunk beds flush against the wall to maximize the exposed carpet space. Set any small desks or play tables on the bed or in the closet if they fit.


Not sure when to have your carpets cleaned? Weekends are best and early in the morning; this way you and your family can go out for the day while your carpets dry. If you're only available time slot is during the week, aim for early in the morning so that you can let the carpets dry while you run errands or go to work for the day. Staying home? Most professional carpet cleaners will leave behind special shoe coverings to protect shoes and carpets from areas still drying. When you talk to your carpet cleaning professionals, be sure to mention which rooms require the most attention: common rooms that require a lot of attention are living areas, kitchens and children's bedrooms. Since these rooms are often done first: they'll dry more quickly and be able to use more immediately. Some carpet cleaning professionals offer carpet protecting solutions that can be added to your carpet treatment to provide short-term protection against stains,


Once your carpets are cleaned, be sure to keep shoe protectors on for as long as your carpet cleaning professional advises. Turning fans on can help air out and dry communal rooms faster for easier access to the important high-traffic areas of your home. Moving the furniture back works in many of the same ways as putting it up: moving beds, chairs, replacing carpets is a chore but it's easier to put things back than it is to put them away.

It's important to keep your carpets free and clear until they are fully dried since wet carpets can damage some delicate rugs or wood furnishings. Carpets are usually dry within a few hours and once dry you can fully enjoy your home again with the comfort of having a freshly cleaned carpet. Time for your next professional carpet cleaning? Call Kolorkist: the best in carpet cleaning here in San Antonio.