the complete guide to vacuuming your carpets

It's the age old question...


How often do you vacuum your carpets? Weekly? Monthly? Can't remember the last time you took your vacuum out of the hall closet? That's okay. Surprisingly, many people don’t  know the exactly how often you should vacuum your carpets. So here's a handy way to remember how often to break out the vacuum and what areas need the most attention.


When it comes to vacuuming your carpets, remember that it's not a race. The key is to go over the entire carpeted area with care and more than once to reach the more deep down dirt and debris that gets tracked into our carpets. Going over the floors quickly just once or twice only removes obvious crumbs and dust. Did you use a commercially available stain remover or carpet treatment? Most in-store carpet cleaning products are meant to set for hours or better yet overnight to let them break up the dirt and dust locked into your carpets before vacuuming it up to hopefully remove the offending stain or odor.


Can't remember the last time you cleaned your vacuum filter? Dirty filters can reduce suction and up the energy output of your vacuum cleaner; lower suction also means that your vacuum isn't working as well as it could. Change or clean your filters regularly or at least once the bag is 2/3 full.


Don't forget the corners of your house: a good hose attachment is good for getting into the nooks and crannies of your home. If your home vacuum cleaner didn't come with a hose attachment standard, it's easy to get a suitable hose attachment at local stores or online. If a hose attachment isn't available for your vacuum model, consider a smaller or hand-held unit to help maximize the small spaces you can reach.



So now let's get down to the facts: how often should you vacuum your carpets? There's plenty of factors that will change just how often you should vacuum your carpet. Here's one of the first factors: do you have allergies? If you or anyone in your family suffer from allergies, a fate very common to those of us here in San Antonio, you should vacuum your floors at least once a week to clear the air and remove any pesky allergens that like to piggy back onto clothes carried in by the breeze once you open any doors or windows.


Do you own a pet? If you have a pet, you should vacuum twice a week to remove pet dander. The average dog or cat can leave a lot of pet hair behind and even if no one in your family suffers from allergies; pet hair can often be unsightly to guests and can sometimes carry an odor that can be very strong and sometimes off-putting. Speaking of pet odors: if your cat or dog pees or poops in the house be sure to treat the area affected immediately with a strong cleaner. Making sure your filters are clean is important when cleaning up after pets since pet hair can very quickly clog up even the strongest of vacuum bags.


Just like having an overall clean home? Everyone does. The rule of thumb is to vacuum your floors at least once a week and from the top down. Dust any surfaces before you vacuum so that you can simply vacuum up any small dust particles. Vacuum high traffic areas like halls, walk ways and living spaces daily and this goes for pet areas as well. Vacuum medium-traffic areas twice a week and light traffic areas can be cleaned once a week. This vacuuming schedule will help keep your carpets clean and extend the life of your carpet. This cleaning schedule can also help ease the pain of allergy sufferers and those prone to dust-born illness or respiratory concerns. Household vacuuming can only remove so much dust and dirt and monthly professional carpet cleaning is encouraged. For the best in professional carpet cleaning in San Antonio, call Kolorkist and make sure your carpets stay clean and clear in between your valiant vacuuming efforts.