If your air ducts look dirty, they probably are.

Kolorkist can get your home breathing easy again.


When to get your air ducts cleaned

Indoor air quality is a common concern for homeowners in the San Antonio area. Most households accumulate 40 lbs of dust annually, and if you have indoor pets the number is larger. Normal households are circulating contaminants, dander, and chemicals through their HVAC system 5 to 7 times daily, which causes build up in the system. If your vents look dirty, then you probably need to get them cleaned.

If you have moved into a newly remodeled home, or have done some remodeling yourself, you need to get your ducts cleaned immediately. Contaminants and debris that were acquired from the remodeling get sucked in through the air ducts and are most likely recirculating throughout your home. This also happens to new homes that have just been built, so it never hurts to get the ducts inspected for free.

Electricity bills in San Antonio can often skyrocket from the weather. If the lungs in your house aren't cleaned, then your system is having to work much harder to supply you with the proper temperature you desire. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, about 25 to 40 percent of the energy used to heat or cool a home is wasted. One way to tell if your system needs to be inspected is if you have hotspots in your home. This could be a sign that there is a blockage in your duct work that needs to be cleaned. Once we are done you will smell and feel the difference in your home.

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1. questions and concerns with homeowner

When we arrive at your home the first thing we do is talk to the homeowner. You know your home better than anyone, and we want to make sure that we answer any questions or concerns you may have before we get started.

2. camera inspection

Inspection tools are used to properly assess the build up of dust and other gunk in the duct work. Once inspected we will consult with the homeowner the process and length of time it will take to fully clean the air ducts.

3. check unit

If your ducts are dirty then your unit will most likely need to be cleaned. We inspect all parts of the unit to see what needs work and what does not. 


Components such as the supply register and return air grilles will need to be removed, cleaned properly, and reset.


Components such as the supply air plenum and the return air plenum need to be free of moisture, stains, and contaminants. There should be no dirt or debris on them once we are finished.


Components such as the blower, housing, and assembly need to be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. Blower blades should be free of any oil or debris, and the blower compartment should be free of any dust as well. We also go through and clean the evaporator coil, drain and pan.

7. clean ducts

Our technician will use a 2 direction, multi-speed cobra brush system combined with our hyper vac negative air system to agitate the dust in the duct work and vacuum it out. Our system uses 5000 CFM of vacuum power to clear out the air ducts and leave them absolutely spotless.


Once the entire system is cleaned, it's time for a new filter and walk through with the customer. We will provide before and after pictures to show evidence of a clean system. You can now breathe easier in your home.


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How Clean Are Your Ducts?

You deserve clean air ducts without cutting corners.

It's pretty simple, you cannot get the cleanest air ducts if you don't have the best equipment. That's where we differ from the one truck chucks. On the other hand, large corporate cleaners are there to get in and out and move onto the next job. You might hear their ads promoting cheap air duct cleaning but you always get what you pay for. At Kolorkist, we believe in doing things right without cutting corners. Our job includes a full camera inspection before and after, cobra brush cleaning combined with our hyper vac negative air system to remove the debris for good, and a complete walk through to address any questions or concerns with the customer.

If it isn’t done to your standards the first time, we will make it right for free.
— Shaun Billings, Owner
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How Important Is Changing Your Air Filter?

  There are many different types of air filters on the market, each offering different benefits. They all have one thing on common, they all need to be changed routinely! Running filters for too long can cause excessive wear on your system, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in repair in the future! Not to mention, having dirty filters also comes with health risks, so if you live with children or the elderly, it is particularly important. Changing out filters regularly also drastically increases efficiency. There are so many reasons you should routinely change your filters.


Where Should I Buy Filters?

You can easily buy filters online HERE. We recommend you order them online, not only is it convenient but it is also more cost effective & you get to choose from a greater variety!