San Antonio AC Replacement

   At Kolorkist, you can expect reliable service and equipment without breaking the bank. We offer warranty on every single one of our AC replacements and make sure that everything is in 100% working order before we even think about leaving the job. Many companies rush jobs to get more of them done, they will poorly replace your unit and leave you to handle all of the problems they caused without going back to fix them. The Kolorkist business model is based off passion, integrity and synergy, nobody cares like we care, we will do anything it takes to satisfy our customers.



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Q: How long does a system replacement take?

 A: This really differs for every situation, sometimes we will run across systems that aren't as simple as others. These tend to take a little more time, but generally we can do a full replacement within a day.


Q:  Will my new unit come with a warranty?

 A: Yes! Every unit that we install comes with a warranty. We offer a 2 year warranty on labor & a 10 year warranty on parts(on select equipment).