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   Have you ever had your AC go out during the middle of the summer or maybe your heater stopped working during a really cold day? We have all been there at least once, but what if i told you the situation was preventable? If you fail to maintain your unit, you may experience issues and have costly repairs at any given time so it is highly recommended that you maintain your unit regularly so that your AC stays up and running year round. Additionally, if you maintain your unit, you will have a low risk of having to make an emergency call to fix your AC, which can put a big unnesseary dent in your bank account!



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 Q: How long does it usually take for my AC unit to be serviced or tuned up?

  A: This greatly depends on the amount of work that needs to be done, if it is a regular tune up the service time is only a couple hours although if more work is required, the time can go up.

 Q: Do you have any specials to get my AC tuned up?

 A:  We sure do! You can stay up to date with our offers by following us on our Facebook page!