3 Reasons To Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced

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  Many people make an investment in an HVAC system, yet majority of them fail to realize how important routine maintenance is. If you pay tens of thousands of dollars for a new system, it is only fair that you get the most usage out of the unit. Properly maintaining your HVAC system does way more than just increase the life span of your unit, it also comes with a large number of other benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should properly maintain your air conditioning and heating unit. 

#1 Cut Down Utility Costs By 5% To 15%

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    When the temperature goes up, so does your energy costs. Maintaining your HVAC system is similar to maintaining your car, if you fail to properly care for it, it may end up leaving you on the side of the road(yes, even if its 100 degrees outside).  If you properly maintain your system, you are far less likely to have to end up paying for unexpected repairs(which can be very expensive) and you will always get more life out of the system as well. 

#2 Better Air Quality

    Having clean air to breath is one of the most important benefits of maintaining your HVAC unit. If you have never cleaned your air ducts, it may be a good idea to get them looked at. Matted dust and debris coats the inside of your ducts and contaminates your air, in some cases we even have issues with mold(this can cause severe illness and in extreme cases, be fatal). 
What is air duct cleaning?

#3 Increased Life Of The System

If you properly maintain your unit, you can increase the life of your unit by years! When we are talking thousands of dollars to replace a unit, increasing the life-span even one year is a huge advantage! Spending money to service your unit will always be cheaper then replacing it unexpectedly. 

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